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Discover BigTop JoJo and his Towering Show of Wonder.

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Between the sequins, the shadow puppets, the vaudeville and burlesque, “Big Top JoJo’s Phenomenal Phantasmagoria” is a smorgasbord of spectacle. - C.S.E. Cooney, Centerstage Show Review. More

CARAVAN OF CURIOSITIES Chicago’s own globe-trotting impresario BigTop JoJo has returned home and brought back with him a fantastical caravan filled with wondrous treasures, mythical beings, and mysterious mayhem you’ve never before experienced. Already, those privileged few who’ve gotten a glimpse of its cargo as it passed are now fanatically following in its wake. More.

Circus Salon

BigTop JoJo is bringing his Caravan of Curiosities to Chicago to build the circus of his dreams – his Towering Show of Wonder.  Throughout the year, BigTop JoJo will host public salons where audiences get the chance to see inside the laboratory where the surreal is conjured.  You may even have the opportunity to become an essential element in this grand experiment. More.

BigTop JoJo dissolves the wall between center ring and sideshow as he transforms dance and rock clubs and other unconventional venues into mystical midways bursting with audacious entertainments, mythical creatures, and thrilling acts of virtuosity!  Each night, the Family of Freaks and other curiosities from the caravan will unite with a revolving roster of celebrity performers and specialty acts from the worlds of circus, burlesque, theatre, comedy, performance art, music, and the unexpected. More.


BigTop JoJo currently has a number of paid positions available for professional freaks, performers and crew. Don’t miss your chance to join the show that’s sure to be the buzz of the summer. Get involved now (don’t worry, we won’t tell your mom!)

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