Every night we’ll be showcasing different local and national talents from the worlds of burlesque, circus, music, comedy, variety, and beyond!

Here’s just a taste of whom (and what!) you might experience:

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Dharmesh Bhagat, Juggler

Dharmesh has taught juggling for Circ Esteem and the Actors Gymnasium.  He is also proud to have been part of Millennium Park’s summer entertainment, to have juggled at Chicago Bull’s games, for the Arts Alliance, and for the Chicago Sky.  He is currently teaching and performing with Acrofabulous Circus and is a regular at El Circo Cheapo. Even though Dharmesh is at heart a performer, he is never too busy to teach those who want to learn to juggle and improve their juggling prowess, or to build confidence and relieve stress. View.

Brad French, Juggler

Even at an early age, Brad’s uncanny ability for spontaneous creativity was hard to miss. His imaginative wit, absurdist charm, and serious je ne sais quoi would endear even the toughest of birthday party audiences. Beginning his illustrious career as a magician, Brad has emerged later in his life as an interdisciplinary artist specializing in skillfully executed aesthetically memorable object-based performances and wholly unpredictable miniature public spectacles, continually savoring the alchemy of the observer/observed relationship as an agent of live composition while being constantly inspired by real-time observation of his immediate environment. So he’s got that going for him. More.

John Sacelli, Card Reader

John Sacelli has spent 40 years exploring alternative therapies, spiritual paths, body work, and shamanism.  Having studied with Gurus, Yogis, Zen Masters, Kahunas, Sages, Witches and Medicine People of all persuasions, John is currently a free-lance ‘Urban Shaman’ in Chicago.  He has conducted workshops in Polarity Therapy, Kundalini Yoga, Deep Tissue Massage, Soul Circles, The Dreamtime and Shamanism across North America. While experiencing a series of Shamanic Visions in the early 1980’s, he met his totem Lynx who introduced him to a series of inter-dimensional, alternative and past life adventures.  John is the author of The AngeLynx Oracle and The Angelish Dictionary.  AngeLynx.


Lily Simmons, Belly Dancer & Sword Performer

Lily Simmons has been belly dancing for 10 years. Sword performance is a skill she acquired through many years of belly dancing.  Originally from a small town in west central Illinois, she decided to pack up and move to the big city of Chicago three years ago. Currently, she performs professionally all over the city, and teaches a beginners belly dance course at the UIC student recreation center. She will receive her B.A. in Biopsychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago in May, 2010.

The Puterbaugh Sisters

These freaks have quantum leaped back to the future of JoJo’s circus. They have been doing vaudeville sister circus acts since 1923. They are the inventors of tightrope walker wax, brother stick, and moffee – the meat that you put in your coffee. They are known for their death defying tightrope tricks and their side splitting ariel jokes told hundreds of feet in the air. To this day they pride themselves on being able to tell jokes in wigs without a net. Born in the 1900s as conjoined twins. They are often asked, “Do you want to be separated?” “Never,” they say, because they are connected at the funny bone. (please insert honky horn sound effect here)

Lee Na-moo

Lee Na, Belly Dancer

Lee Na is a tribal fusion belly dancer and performing artist. He started his study in 2007, and is now part of the dance troupe Read My Hips. He has performed at various venues within the Chicagoland area including House of Blues, Metro, Griffin Lounge, and private events, among many others. He strives to be a “moving work of art.” His style of fusion is best describe as elegance, refinement, grace, and beauty in movement, as well as high energy entertainment. Always pushing the boundary and his limit, he seeks to astound the audience with his sense of style. More.

Chicago bisi Dance Co.


In 2009 the Chicago bisi Dance Co. was founded by choreographer and artistic director, Lynn Arevalo. She established an exceptional group of professionally trained dancers that perform choreographed pieces to all music genres that is inter-changeable for all types of venues and special production events. Bisi has evolved into a company that combines passion for all types of dance styles from a Broadway jazz revue, to a jazz funk to hip hop, along with a strong focus in ballet and contemporary dance. Our bisi breakers (coming in 2010) bring an urban street style touch to the company that showcases the “b-boyz” physical power of movement from fancy footwork to head-spins! We bring it and shake it for all audiences!

Ammunition, Grinder

Bold, daring and powerful. Ammunition is the co-founder and performance specialist for the pervettes of SS-Triple X. She has been gracing the stages of Chicago since 2006. She harnesses such talents onstage such as grinder acts, fire eating and breathing and body modification performance art. Merging unconventional with sexual magnetism, Ammunition leaves the audience hot in their seats!

Neato Peato

Watching television one morning, a seven year old Andrew Taylor stumbled upon an episode of “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” in which a man hammers a nail up his nose.  After witnessing the event, the young man promptly hammered a nail directly up his very own nostril.  After the ensuing bloodbath, Andrew knew his destiny had shown itself.  He got an education at Roosevelt University’s CCPA, and has been an active street and performance artist since.

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