Join the wonderful and terrifying souls that accompany BigTop JoJo and exploit your own inner freak!

 border: 4px none; margin-right: 8px; margin-bottom: 4px;Mermaid and the Little Rich Girl

Discovered off the coast of Africa, this exotic half-woman, half-fish beauty is no Feejee Mermaid, the disreputable orangutan-meets-salmon hoax of P.T. Barnum!  Escorted over land by the grateful little rich girl whom she saved from certain drowning, this siren of the sea sings with a true voice from the deep!

Harry Suave

The toast of Caracas nightclubs, Harry is the debonair illusionist and notoriously passionate Latin lover who has caused both women and men to swoon at his incredibly furry feet.  Covered head to toe in a gorgeous mane of hair, Harry can seduce those with the coldest of hearts into running their fingers through his silky mane!

Rock Lady

She is the merry maiden made of mineral and verve!  A fearless adventurer, she has conquered the roughest terrains and highest peaks and now travels the world with BigTop JoJo in her never-ending hunt for a truly solid man.  Any takers be warned:  this lady won’t be softened by some smooth-tongued devil.  She needs a gent with a taste for geology!

Emperor and his Translator

From a land where flora and fauna never completely diverged from each other comes a wee emperor who is a titan among his flowery subjects.  As he speaks only through the communication tools of stamen and pistil, the emperor has by his side a remarkably gifted translator, born of human parents, who is blessed with the ability to understand and speak a plethora of plant and human languages!

TurtleBoy and Chompers

Two of the most extraordinary creatures in BigTop JoJo’s caravan were found walking arm-in-arm along a lonely stretch of Highway 61 in southern Illinois!  While the best of friends, they couldn’t be more different:  TurtleBoy is a tender-hearted, well-spoken young man, quick to hide from danger within his protective shell, while young Chompers tells it as he sees it and will eat anything that gets in his way!

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