Be amazed at the colossal caliber of celebrities releasing their freaks in the Towering Show of Wonder!

Superstars and their scheduled appearances to come so check back soon.

Madam Barker with John Fournier

Madam Barker is an aging singer who was never a star, with a love for a live-paying audience, a passion for dirty glamour, and a thirst for the apocalypse. She is half dragon and half Irish. She has enjoyed the spotlight throughout her life and finally settled on the stage, which has an arrangement that makes it harder for people to leave when she’s talking to them. It seems she is still alive, by most accounts. Though it can be hard to tell. More.

Professional credits include:

  • Causing the Roman Empire to fall
  • Knocking down the Berlin Wall
  • Following you into the Bathroom Stall
  • Chasing the Nazis out of France
  • Teaching Nijinsky how to dance
  • Helping you out of those tight, tight pants

Kelvin Gordon, aka Melenga Mtakata

Melenga Mtakata is the exotic half-animal, half-human creation of renowned contortionist and martial arts performance artist Kelvin Gordon. His training began long ago in the ancient Martial Arts of Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan, as well as Hatha Yoga. And after years of practice, he has combined these various disciplines to create his singularly extraordinary performance style. Gordon has been showcasing his act in Las Vegas since 1990 and has  performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, in Minority Report directed by Steven Spielberg, The Drew Carey Show, America’s Got Talent, and at festivals and events throughout the US and the world.

Scooty, aka The ManLady from Mars

Abducted at a tender age by extra-terrestrials and stolen away on a golden spacecraft, Scooty spent his early years as courtesan to the great queen of an alien planet, where the populace worshipped him for his androgynous allure and breathtaking beauty.  Once the queen realized that his charms were far from ageless, she returned Scooty to Earth, but not before implanting within him her strange celestial gifts.  Scooty now works the Milky Way as a musical time-traveler and astounding astral projector, thrilling audiences with his interplanetary production numbers.  The star and co-creator of Carpenters Halloween, Tran: The Atari Musical, and Mollywood, Scooty can also be found making magic with The Scooty & JoJo Show.

Lady Jack

Lady Jack delights in all things demanding red lipstick and a top hat. A trickster and (Lady) Jack of all trades, she is active as a performance artist, burlesque artist, dancer, actor, model, producer and continuously seeks collaborations with others that conspire to create works of midnight festival for an audience that wants to play. She performs as the headlining act for Silent Theatre Company’s “Wild Party Variety Hour” and produces a monthly burlesque show called “Burlectronic” at Debonair Social Club, and dances with abandon around town at various theatres and nightclubs. More.

Brian P. Dailey

Brian P. Dailey makes juggling like you have never seen. After devoting great effort towards non-traditional aesthetic, Jens Sigsguard called him, “The master of the anti-climax.” Since then, Brian has been making new work in several directions, including mixed prop series of, ‘Duets’ for a contemporary dance program. He is also devising a full length improvised show with the incredible midwestern jazz noise guitar player, Bob Bucko Jr. Watch for him in upcoming shows with the Midnight Circus where he will pretend that he is from Antarctica. Brian has performed thousands of shows for Circus, Theme Parks, four countries in Europe, and one place in Asia.

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