You won’t BELIEVE your senses!

Spoiler Alert!  This takes you behind the curtain where the magic is made.  Don’t read further if you wish to hold onto the enchantment!

BigTop JoJo and his Towering Show of Wonder celebrates the freak inside each of us with its fantastical caravan of audacious performers, mythical creatures, and thrilling acts of virtuosity.  Transforming nightclubs, rock venues, and other unconventional spaces into mystical midways, this new invention in entertainment from the Chicago-based creators of Carpenters Halloween and Diva Brunch offers adventurous audiences an experiential extravaganza of magic and music, dancing and dreamscapes, comedy and curiosities.

BigTop JoJo is the fictitious ringmaster of the Towering Show of Wonder.  He is an entertainer of exaggerated proportions who embraces the freak in everyone and celebrates the freak within him. In his travels, he has met the most wonderful and terrifying souls who are now permanent companions on his journey:  the turtle boy, the mermaid, the woman made of stone, the emperor from a land where human and plant life comingle, and others.  Their stories compose the spectacular phantasmagoria on which The Towering Show of Wonder revolves.

Producer Jonny Stax is developing the mythology of the BigTop JoJo, his Family of Freaks, and their caravan of curiosities, with theatrical director Cheryl Snodgrass, an ensemble of performers and puppeteers, a diverse team of designers led by The Scooty & JoJo Show’s Scott Bradley, and with contributions from selected writers from around the country.

In June 2010, BigTop JoJo and his Towering Show of Wonder will begin making appearances around Chicago as he publicly summons his motley troupe of performers, artists, and audiences to share stories and experience marvelous spectacles.  In July, BigTop JoJo will unveil his Phenomenal Phantasmagoria to the world.  He will tour nightclubs and music venues with this innovative evening of both center-ring and sideshow entertainments interwoven with fantastical storytelling, puppetry, original music, and a revolving roster of celebrity performers and specialty acts from the worlds of circus, carnivals, burlesque, theatre, comedy, performance art, music, and more.  Through a unique design of lights, sound, set, performance, movement, costume, puppet, make-up, and language, audiences will be transported into a new reality as they enter.

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